Book Review: Beyond the Fourth Heritage

AUTHOR: Emmanuel S. Kirunda

TITLE: Beyond the fourth Heritage

PAGES: 402

Reviewer: Mohamed Okash

Unique self-help, academic, and self-help book intended to inspire people to maximum usage of human capabilities more particularly human brain. What is the fourth heritage? Is it the tribal, or post tribal societies or religious heritage? By describing yourself which identity do you introduce yourself? The author provides proactive arguments to the above questions, by proposing radical ideas to think critically beyond the ordinary heritage birth. Transcending our heritages results to think philosophically to become co-creators for each of us.

The book collected an intellectual road map that starts by questioning human reasoning of by a bare-footed boy growing up in rural Iganga, Uganda and ends with Boston in the USA through 12 hypotheses that unapologetically transcend the lack of written authority by our ancestors. Beyond the fourth Heritage encourages to follow a new path for reaching prosperity and the better world since ancestors failed to do. The logical steps we take today will have more importance, for the future generation. This book, the author covers the mindset problems of Africans from the pre-modern way of thinking to a modern way of thinking for a better and prosperous life.

I would highly recommend this book to any soul searching African who is looking for inspiration to rethink about our past and prepare for a brighter future.

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