Blogging and Storytelling Training – Event Report


EVENT REPORT REF: 002/02/2020



  • Your Excellency, Minister of Labour and Social affairs of Somalia, Right honorable Sadik Warfa
  • His Excellence, The Somali Charge d’affairs to Uganda, Ali Mohamed Agabarur
  • The Vice chancellor, Victoria University Dr Krishna
  • The Deputy Chairman of CSW, Mr. Ali Farah
  • The country Director of CSW, Mr. Yusuf Hassan
  • The instructors, Dr Joel and Mr Okasha
  • The participants                                                                                                                                                 
  • The organizing team of the workshop                                                                                             
  • Members of the CSW present                                                                                                                     
  • Other distinguished guests

Asalamu’Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

You are most welcome to the chamber of Somali writers (CSW).

The Chamber of Somali writers (CSW) is a Somali youth owned initiative, a non- governmental, non-profit organization based in Uganda and at the same time has a global Somali youth membership. The chamber aims to instill and preserve writing and reading culture among the Somali youth which are pre-dominantly influenced by the oral based knowledge inherited from our ancestors. The chamber also aims to train, empower, and inspire new breed of Somali writers and readers by setting an example for the youth to replicate. We also produce write-ups from our readings and experience to inform the public in general and create passion for reading among the youth in particular. Your excellence, the chamber has a reading club that reviews one book every month with members of the Somali society, mostly students. Your excellence, we have so far read seven books in the last seven months and planning to hold review session for the 8th one in this coming 29th February 2020. The chamber is also happy to announce that this coming review will also take place in Mogadishu, Garowe and Nairobi. The chamber also holds forums in which we deliberate, discuss and reflect on the Somalia we want. We search definitions for the type of Somalia we all aspire to live in. One such forum will take place 14th February 2020 at Xanadu Suites at MacKinnon Road. We are very glad to announce that this forum will be fully sponsored by the Somali Embassy in Kampala.

Today We are marking the last day of two days workshop on story telling and blogging. The first of its kind organised, funded and implemented by Somalis. The chamber believes that those who run the stories run the world. In order to thrive in today’s world you need to be able to tell your stories as convincingly and fluently as possible. The chamber is happy to take that philosophy at heart and organise this write-up training.

Expected outcome of the training

  • Each one of the trainees should be able to grasp the basics and principles of storytelling and blogging
  • Each trainee should be able to write fluent and meaningful stories-with consideration to style, context, grammar, structure and enhanced vocabulary
  • Each trainee should be able to select the perfect story of the time and place and situation
  • Members should be able to create blogs of their own
  • They should be able to publish and edit online articles
  • Be able to preserve the ethics of writing
  • Should write and communicate responsibly
  • Should be able to speed read and synthesize

We are grateful to Victoria university in Kampala for offering this noble cause to access its premises to deliver this most needed training. We dearly thank you for hosting us here. The Chamber wishes to thank the instructors who volunteered to come and educate our youth about storytelling and blogging. You have sacrificed your time and energy to make sure you empower lives and impact societies through teaching the current generation of Somalia. We also thank the audiences for showing passion of learning and practicing storytelling which your society dearly needs. We are also grateful to the Somali embassy team led by his excellence Ali Mohamed Agabarur for always standing with this chamber. We thank you Ambassador. We also thank the labour and social affairs minister of Somalia Right Honorouble Sadik Warfa for sparing time to witness this life changing moments of Somali students and youth. We know you have managed to reach this scene given the fact that you have just arrived from Somalia and direct from the airport to this event. We don’t take that for granted and thank you wholeheartedly. It shows your love for your country and people and how you are willing to encourage the smallest details of adding value to the minds of all Somali citizens wherever they are. Finally, the chamber thanks the organizing team of this wonderful workshop witch we are concluding today. You have spent sleepless nights and sacrificed your time, your classes and work hours to see this event successful as we witness today. May Allah reward abundantly for your voluntary and selfless contributions.

Thank you,


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